React Dashboard

Published on 2020-02-27

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The most adaptable React Dashboard template

Built minimal so components can be used in any project. Uses Next.js for server side rendering. React Context & Hooks to replace Redux. To top it off, included lambda functions that handles authentication.

Analytics Functions

Included analytics function that lets you store your own analytics data. It doesn't store cookies or ip addresses, instead you get the necessities like your most popular pages, referrers, device, browser & country. This has a huge advantage as it's GDPR compliant.

Auth Backend Functions

Every project requires authentication. We felt supplying just the frontend Authentication Provider wasn’t enough. Not only is it simple enough to protect routes using React Hooks, we included all the necesarry backend routes that uses lambda functions out of the box. That means easy integration with AWS or Netlify functions.


Everyone loves darkmode. With a click of a button, allow your users to experience your projects without straining their eyes.

Simple Forms

Forms is a HUGE pain point. We simplify it ten fold. We include Inputs, Selectors, Array Checkboxes, Validation and more… You’ll be using these form components on every project here on out.

Theme Support

Using styled components, we provide a Theme Provider. This allows you to manage colors, sidebar size and more from a single file.

Server Side Rendering

Built on top of the Next.js framework from zeit. The best framework for Server Side Rendering. This ensures your application is speedy and SEO ready.

Latest Tech

Global state without Redux. No more wrapping components with Higher Order Components. React officially released Hooks, and mixing it with Context proves to be exteremely powerful.

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